Feel free to add your comments below about the website (i.e., things I should add, things you found helpful, etc...) or drop me an email!


Ken Heiser
01/15/2010 7:18pm

I caught your link off of The Green Board (brewboard.com). I must say, I am impressed. You have an awesome setup and that bar is unbelievable. You are one lucky man. Cheers.

05/25/2010 2:53pm

Hey dude, this is earthtonr off the blue board - looks like you've done pretty well for yourself!!! Can't wait to get settled enough to put something similar together.....well then again I can wait. Good stuff for inspiration though :D

06/29/2010 9:37pm

I came across your site by a link off of homebrewtalk.com forums. I'm so glad I clicked it, because your cooler converted fermentation vessel is a gem! Thanks for the easy to follow steps and pics.

P.S. Your brew stand is my next project! Cheers.

09/13/2010 7:32am

Hey, Great site. I thought I saw a link with recipes on it. Did you take it out? I'm interested on that choco porter or stout you had there.


09/30/2010 8:39pm

Great website!

What strain(s) of Brett did you use for your Biere De Mars?

10/01/2010 11:06am

Kyle, I used the same strain as Ommegang - Brettanomyces bruxellensis.

10/02/2010 6:20pm

Inspiring, to say the least. I stumbled across your site from beeradvocate and while I have to say I can't wait to see where this addiction takes me, I'm hoping it ends up looking something like yours.

10/07/2010 7:59pm

The Bunker

So The Bunker looks pretty sweet. It looks like something I could use since I do not really have the optimum cool area to cellar or even ferment beer. I am trying to see if I have a space that this would fit in. What are the overall dimensions of the finished bunker?

10/08/2010 7:21am

I built the bunker to fit the space that I had in my beer room and size that I needed to eventually fit larger 30 gallon fermenters for the bourbon barrel brew. It's rough dimensions are...

Length: 5.5 ft
Height: 3.5 ft
Width: 3 ft

If I had to do it again (or if I make changes to it in the future), I would probably use an AC unit to cool the space instead of an old fridge (because it can cool quicker). The fridge works great for the purpose now though!

John Baker
10/28/2010 3:47pm

Simply fantastic, Jamie! Thanks for sharing with us!

02/05/2011 7:40am

Love your bar. very nice work, the attention to detail is exceptional. I also like the built-ins for the pez. I like your blog title; one of my buds had gvn2fly on his license plate years ago.

02/05/2011 4:14pm

Hello. You did a very impressive job, there. I'm curious about how you finished the bar top. What was that pail of stuff you poured on, and what was involved in the process? What's the scoop with the torch?

02/06/2011 6:07am

Mark, I won't lie to you, putting the epoxy on was not an easy task particularly with using old wood beer crates as the surface. The Epoxy I used was called Kleer Koat (by US composites) - it comes in two different containers (hardener + epoxy). First, you have to mix the two materials really well and by doing so you create millions of tiny bubbles in the mix. Then, you pour it out onto the surface and have to quickly spread it out to cover the area. Depending on the size of the table/bar, this can be tricky and even though the epoxy does end up leveling itself out, it dries quickly so you have to work fast. The torch is used after the surface has leveled - it helps in bursting the bubbles that have formed under the surface. Cheers, Jamie


Nice bar area... I like your idea of building a fermentation chamber out of a cooler...

I currently use a wine cooler fridge, but many brewers ask me for alternatives... I'll be sure to point them to your site...

06/19/2011 6:33pm

Great site! I'd love to see your recipe for the coconut oat porter!

06/20/2011 8:23pm

Ian, here is the recipe:

Toast Oat Coconut Porter

10 lbs American 2-Row
1 lb Chocolate Malt
2 Tablespoons Roasted Barley
0.5 lbs Crystal 60
1 lb Oats (toasted @300 for 10 mins)

1.5 oz. East Kent Goldings (60 min)
1 oz. East Kent Goldings (30 min)

10 ounces of Shaved Coconut (toasted at 315 degrees, then added to secondary)

Large starter of Wyeast 1084

Recipe Specifications:
OG: 1.063
FG: 1.011
SRM: 32
IBUs: 35
Mash Temp: 152

Steve Ewing
08/10/2011 6:01pm

Jamie, Odell wood cut five will be available this friday 8-12 at hyvee nifong and connelly and next wed at arena. couldn't find any other way to contact you hope you get this.

Suwannee Refugee
12/29/2012 5:48am

The widow #1 and #2 seem very different. Did you not like the first and refined the recipe? Or just wanted a different flavor?


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